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Anaglypta Wallpaper 19/10/2020

Anaglypta Wallpaper

Anaglypta wallpaper is defiantly one of the most versatile wallpapers out there. I mean you have paintable anaglypta wallpaper, modern anaglypta and Victorian anaglypta. And that is just to name a few. The reason that this wallpaper is very popular. Anaglypta wallpaper has been around for eons and eons of time. I remember as a little girls seeing it in everyone's hallways and stairs. And that was 30years ago. The great thing about it was you could transform the room with just a lick of paint. And do not get me started on the amount of times my mum repainted all the scuff marks we left as kids. It was constant but then it looked brand new again. And you had to really look hard to see where we had caused damage. so if you have kids or pets anaglypta wallpaper could be the perfect choice for you.

Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper 12/10/2020

Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper

So when it comes to decorating a little boys bedroom or nursery. Kids dinosaur wallpaper always comes first place. With loads of different styles on the internet ranging from cute dinosaur wallpaper to Jurassic park wallpaper. You will have plenty to pick from that you will love too. When choosing wallpaper for a childrens/kids room the task can be quite tedious. But I have found it doesn't have to be that way. You can enjoy it and work with your little one. By doing this you can see that it provides a place, or space that your little boy or girl will want to retreat to. And a room you will want to enter without the walls screaming at you.

Wood Panel Wallpaper White Grey www.wallpapershop.co.uk 05/10/2020

Wood Panel Wallpaper

Wall panelling wallpaper especially wood panel wallpaper is on trend for this years interiors. You see this panel effect wallpaper just about everywhere. Everyone everywhere is after wallpaper that looks like wood panelling. Our White wood panel wallpaper looks like the real thing and we cannot get enough of how elegant and sleek this 3D wood panel wallpaper is. Wood panel effect wallpaper is perfect for any wall that you do not wants to spend an exuberant amount on real wood panelling. Its easy to hang and the job of... Read More

Animal Print Wallpaper 30/09/2020

Animal Print Wallpaper

Animal Print Wallpaper is a classic and stylish way to decorate a room. So where did this most sought after pattern come from? Well its been around since man began. Animal furs lined the caves of ancient civilizations. And what was just mere survival of keeping a place warm and comfortable the same patterns are now lining our walls as a trend setting wallcoverings. Leopard Print wallpaper One of the favorite that never ever dates in style in fact its been around since the 1970’s. And that is the Leopard... Read More

Liquid Marble Wallpaper 21/09/2020

Liquid Marble Wallpaper

Liquid Marble Wallpaper is here to stay. We stock Navy Liquid Marble Wallpaper. Black Marble Wallpaper. Pink Marble Wallpaper. White Marble Wallpaper and Aesthetic Marble Wallpaper. The IN-STYLE wallpaper of the moment has landed here at wallpapershop.co.uk. That is the liquid marble wallpaper range. Shop this stylish marble-effect wallpaper, the wallpaper of your dreams. This design is the most coveted this season. And we can say this because our Navy liquid marble wallpaper just sold out within days.

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge 16/09/2020

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge bring together a stunning collections of home furnishings for your home. Angel has wonderfully designed a whole range of The Chateau Wallpaper, The Chateau Cushions, and The Chateau Duvet Bedding Sets. We were first introduced to the talented Angel Adoree (Angela Strawbridge) and her wonderfully DIY hubby Dick Strawbridge through the popular TV programme Escape To The Chateau. The very first episode started as the couple was looking for their dream chateau in France. And we slowly watched them find Château de la Motte-Husson and... Read More


Catherine Lansfield Duvet Sets

We have so many Catherine Lansfield duvet sets. The Catherine Lansfield velvet bedding is by far the most popular & best selling duvet set. The Catherine Lansfield crushed velvet duvet set comes in a stunning blush pink colour. And it gets even more exciting as we have matching velvet curtains, diamante cushion, and a gorgeous thick velvet bedspread throw. With so many Catherine Lansfield duvet sets in different fabrics, colours and patterns it is hard to select which one. Recently I stayed away in a boutique hotel in Cornwall. And... Read More

Palm Wallpaper 31/08/2020

Palm Wallpaper

Step into the hot tropics with our stunning range of Palm Wallpaper. We have a wide range of patterns, styles and colours it will be sure to make your head spin. Gone are the days of just the same plain green palm wallpaper that was seen everywhere. Today we have palm designs in different textures and even some glitter palm wallpapers.

3D Wallpaper 24/08/2020

3D Wallpaper

Who wants to go through all that mess in creating a real stone wall in slate or brick? Not me I can tell you that. We have so many realistic 3D wallpaper designs that alone will have your head spinning on choice. We have brick wallpaper and slate wallpaper but I will discuss those more through out the rest of this blog.


Where Can I Buy Laura Ashley Wallpaper?

Where can I buy Laura Ashley Wallpaper? The closure of Laura Ashley here in the UK sent shock waves and created a mass panic as to where to buy discontinued Laura Ashley Wallpaper. The scary moment was when I went on the Laura Ashley website and there was no wallpaper in stock. I think it was then that I realised the end of an era had happened.