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Blossom & Birds Chinoiserie Wallpaper 10/08/2022

Shop Chinoiserie Wallpaper

So the market is ablaze with Chinoiserie Wallpaper. And you are no doubt asking yourself “Where can I buy chinoiserie wallpaper? But some prices are scandalously high. But if you are wanting to create a country-house-style home, then a chinoiserie wallpaper will be at the top of the list for your walls. So how to create this expensive look for less? I am going to show you some of these patterns at a fraction of the price you would normally pay for De Gournay, Gracie, and more. Chinoiserie Wallpaper Country-House... Read More

Cheetah Spot Wallpaper Black & White Ohpopsi Wallpaper 02/08/2022

Ohpopsi Wallpaper

We are beyond excited to share our new Ohpopsi Wallpaper Collection. The designs that are featured in the Ohpopsi Wallpaper Wild Collection. Are perfect for anyone wishing to create a garden room. The very nature of a garden room, with the abundance of plants and and glass creates an informal, airy environment. Ideal for entertaining, quiet relaxation, or reading. It may seem a luxurious concept, but once established, a garden room or conservatory soon becomes an integral part of the house. Adding a sense of space and light to the... Read More


Red Toile De Jouy Wallpaper

Choose a red toile de Jouy wallpaper for your next project. This wallpaper just exuberates Escape To The Chateau vibes. This Provencal scenic wallpaper has an air of French je ne sais quoi. This stunning wallpaper has been designed exclusively for Wallpaper Shop. French Red Toile De Jouy Wallpaper Whatever style you choose to follow, the essentially calm atmosphere is established by a laissez-faire approach. You need to create a room with a settled air that emanates from leaving things as they are – which is easier said than done.... Read More

Flamingo Wallpaper 27/06/2022

Flamingo Wallpaper

When I say the words flamingo wallpaper what conjures up in your mind? Immediately I think of sun-kissed shores and hazy wilderness plains. With an oasis of pink feathered birds standing gracefully around the water’s edge. I personally love a modern flamingo wallpaper. We are blown away with how stunning this Sarasota Pink Flamingo Wallpaper looks. Sarasota Pink Flamingo Wallpaper When this wallpaper arrived at the studio we looked at the detail of this flat matt wallpaper. When you look closely at this wallpaper it looks like it has been... Read More

Parquet Wallpaper 20/06/2022

Parquet Wallpaper

Introducing our rustic herringbone parquet wallpaper from Graham & Brown. This stunning wallpaper has a back-to-nature charm about it. This wallpaper will provide the perfect backdrop for your home. Use it as a stylish feature wall as @homeinspobylucy did here in this inspirational post. Parquet Wallpaper With Pink Accessories I love how Lucy has styled this wallpaper with a plain wooden floor, and let’s just admire those shell scalloped chairs. Look those knot cushions, they no doubt serve no purpose but don’t they look amazing? I am also loving the... Read More


Pink Colour Wallpaper

Choose a pink colour wallpaper for a soft and calming effect. Gone are the days when this was deemed a colour popular for a young girl’s bedroom. Going into the 21st Century this Pantone is used in all rooms of the home. So why is this pink palette a popular choice for home stylists? If a soft blush rose hue is used it will make the room feel serene and halcyon. Choose a bright fuchsia pink and it screams creativity and exploding inventive vibes. Pink Colour Aesthetic Wallpaper Today I... Read More


Aesthetic Grey Wallpaper

Stand aside for the multitude of Mrs Hinch home fans who adore this neutral tone. Grey wallpaper is the new black and it has been for a while. Add a contemporary twist to neutral spaces with our monochromatic grey wallpaper. Which will give a sense of depth and lightness that will enhance the aesthetic of your home. Textured Grey Wallpaper I think the reason that most people gravitate towards a soft grey wallpaper is 1. It hides a multitude of sins such as grubby little finger prints. 2. It goes with every colour... Read More

Crane wallpaper UK 30/05/2022

Crane Wallpaper UK

Since Gucci brought their huge crane bird wall mural. We have seen a huge increase in purchases featuring this majestic bird. At Wallpaper Shop we stock all sorts of Crane wallpaper. So if we have any bird lovers out there you will love our vast range of heron wallpaper, crane wallpaper and stork wallpaper. If you are not an avid bird twitcher like myself, you will likely get these three birds mixed up. So I humbly apologise if I mistakenly call a heron a crane and vice versa. So apart... Read More

Dalmatian Print Wallpaper 23/05/2022

Dalmatian Print Wallpaper

If you haven’t seen the trend for Dalmatian print wallpaper, where have you been? This Dalmatian wallpaper started to hit the top trends back in March 2020. There were Instagram influencers who were all screaming out for this design. And it didn’t stop at Dalmatian print wallpaper. We saw a surge in Dalmatian nails, stationery, plates, bedding, cushions, and much more. Then the craze started to calm down so we thought this cool mono style was petering off. So imagine our surprise when all the high streets brought out new... Read More

Sale Wallpaper 16/05/2022

Wallpaper Sale – All Under £5

The British economy has taken a crashed since the chancellor of the exchequer announced the budget. So here at Wallpaper Shop, we have decided to launch a wallpaper sale. You can find this on our main page which is titled UNDER £5. This means you can decorate your home with wallpaper that is stylish but affordable especially if you are feeling the crunch of the rise in energy bills and food costs. Clearance Wallpaper As soon as we heard the announcement and the effects it was having on everyone here... Read More