Aesthetic Wallpaper

When we discuss aesthetic wallpaper most people are unsure of what this word means. Over the last few years this word is showing more and more over Instagram. So what is aesthetic wallpaper? The word aesthetic means a set of ideas or opinions about beauty or art: The study of beauty especially in art and literature. : the artistic or beautiful qualities of something. So in a nutshell is how we perceive a certain style, colour or artistic flair.

So when we consider wallpaper in this discussion we quite appropriately class it as aesthetic wallpaper. Why we can put it in this category is easy. Because wallpaper gives us a first impression of the homeowner. How someone chooses to decorate their home can give us an insight to someone’s personality. Wallpaper is like art, it moves us and the colours can evoke all kinds of feelings within.

Pastel Aesthetic Wallpaper

Take for instance the cool calming pastel aesthetics. These soft palettes instantly cause a calming effect. And the one that springs to mind is the aesthetic sky wallpaper. This wallpaper instantly has a tranquil effect and soothes a person. So what we choose to decorate our walls in our homes can be a reflection of ourselves and can have an effect on our wellbeing. After reading numerous articles based on wallpaper being a mood enhancer I stayed away from using certain colours in selected rooms.

Aesthetic Pink Wallpaper
Aesthetic Wallpaper Pink

So for instance I prefer to choose cool calming hues for my bedroom. After reading a scientific article that bold colours like red, orange, and even bright purple cause a person to feel danger, alert or awake I steer away from red aesthetic wallpaper for all my rooms. I would still add red brick wallpaper though if I wanted a rustic look to a wall though. But I wouldn’t paint anything red though. But this is personal choice as my personality relaxes around these colours. I have seen plenty of wild colours used in interior magazines and just instantly want to update my decor. But I try to stay true to myself I feel more at home with muted tones.

Introducing a blue aesthetic wallpaper to a room or a green aesthetic wallpaper to a room. Can bring instant calm and relaxation to any home. So when customers are asking for some interior advice. I will always bring out that whatever colour they do choose will in affect the mood when they are in that environment. Personally when it comes to fashion I love a bright bold colour but when it comes to the inner sanctuary of your home I always opt for cool collective tones.

Bright Aesthetic Wallpaper

If you are looking to add some bright red or yellow aesthetic wallpaper because you just adore neon aesthetic wallpaper. I always lean towards bright Indian prints, opulent palm styles, hot Caribbean vibes, or Sicilian lemon yellows and navy blues. These loud aesthetic wallpapers look great in any room that you just want to inject some life into.

If you love travelling to wild and exotic countries. This will be reflected in our wallpaper aesthetic or interiors. I have completely changed my style the more I travel. Is this the case with you? I want to bring snippets of a thoroughly enjoyed holiday home with me. Over the years you may find yourself doing this. We have noticed that the industrial wallpaper is being used in most kitchens or dining areas. But then jazzed up with some bright velvet dining chairs. By mixing your style aesthetics with a mish mash of colours just makes a room look original and true to your character.

So let your interiors do the talking. Add a aesthetic wallpaper that reflects you as a person. Whether that be a vintage damask, designer Versace wallpaper or cool urban industrial wallpaper. Whichever style you choose let it effect your mood, if that may be to make you smile or relax. Each piece of wallpaper isn’t just wallpaper it is an artistic impression of you.