Ryan’s World Wallpaper

Ryan first came to our screens via Youtube. This cute little boy of 9 years has been entertaining young and old alike since March 2015. So what is the big deal about this youngster you may ask? Each year his Youtube channel has billions, and I mean billions of hits and views. And guess what we are privileged to be UK stockist for Ryan’s World Wallpaper.

As soon as this Ryan’s brand of wallpaper arrived here at Wallpapershop.co.uk I had to google this young prodigy. And basically he is the worlds biggest reviewer of child toys. I mean this kid has the job that all other kids only dream of. So Ryan receives lots and lots of children’s toys. He then gets to play with them and then does a review on the toy. How amazing is that job?

Ryan’s World Bedroom Wallpaper

This new child phenomenon is so popular he has his own brand of wallpaper. How cool is that? You know you have made it big if you either have a doll made to look like you or your own interiors line. So let us introduce our latest collection of Ryan’s World wallpaper.

First we have the fun Ryan’s World Crew Wallpaper that features all the bright vibrant characters such as Big Gil (shark), Combo Panda, Alpha Lexa (pink cat), and Gus The Gummy Gator. Then you can see Ryan wheeling around on a cool skateboard. Within the design you have speckles of trendy lines and dots. So let your little one jumps into Ryan’s World with this entertaining wallpaper.

Superheroes Wallpaper

The design features a great image of Ryan in a super hero outfit surrounded by fun action words on a yellow and grey background. I love this one as it looks fun and who doesn’t love a pop of colour in a children’s bedroom. This is a cool and amusing wallpaper design and it features bright yellow polka dots throughout. I personally love the action words of pow, snap, wow and smash. Ryan also features as a caped crusader donning a red mask, cape and yellow boots.

If your little one is a massive fan of Ryan, then he will love this Ryan’s world wallpaper. I think every little kid should have something in their bedroom that makes their little faces light up and smile. So choose the Superhero Wallpaper to brighten up a nursery or bedroom for the toddler in your life.

Please be sure to log on to our Instagram page and tag us in your photo’s of your little boy’s or girls bedroom. Another key factor about this wallpaper is it is gender neutral which we just love.