Aesthetic Grey Wallpaper

Stand aside for the multitude of Mrs Hinch home fans who adore this neutral tone. Grey wallpaper is the new black and it has been for a while. Add a contemporary twist to neutral spaces with our monochromatic grey wallpaper. Which will give a sense of depth and lightness that will enhance the aesthetic of your home.

Grey wallpaper
Grey Mood Board

Textured Grey Wallpaper

I think the reason that most people gravitate towards a soft grey wallpaper is

1. It hides a multitude of sins such as grubby little finger prints.

2. It goes with every colour

3. It makes uneven walls look less prominent.

There are many other fabulous reasons but we leave it there. This week I created this aesthetic grey wallpaper mood board. I used our Industrial Stone Concrete Wallpaper in Silver as the backdrop and placed different textures and Pantones around the board to warm the look. When you first start with a neutral backdrop that is a rigid grey hue it can look stark and cold. But as you add layers of fabric and carpet it starts to look homely and inviting. The more layers the more cosy your room will feel.

Industrial Stone Concrete Wallpaper

Grey Boho Interiors

If you are wishing to create a relaxed bohemian vibe. Start with your chosen grey wallpaper. Then maybe go for a plain seagrass or sisal flooring for a more organic atmosphere. Chose from our large range of tufted cotton cushions which are 100% cotton and come with the inner cushion pad. Read more about our full range of tufted cushions in our previous blog. Choose a felt or boucle fabric sofa or a plush chesterfield buttoned headboard in luxurious grey velvet.

Boho Style Cushions 100% Cotton Tassel Tufted Cream Natural
Boho Tufted Cushions

Grey Dining Room Wallpaper

Now, this is the game changer by adding an industrial concrete wallpaper to a feature wall in a dining room or breakfast bar area. You will then get the option to change all your table linens, and crockery as the seasons change. Or you could practically change the style of your dining room.

Let’s say in Winter you go for a more rough hardened industrialized theme with black accents. But as soon as Spring arrives swop out the dark accessories for something maybe a little brighter and lighter. Introduce a more back-to-nature rustic theme for the Spring and Summer months. As soon as the weather starts going cooler in the Autumn. Then it is time to add pops of browns and burnt orange Pantones with a vase of dried florals.

Grey Industrial Effect Wallpaper
Havana Grey Industrial wallpaper

Plain Grey Wallpapers

I could focus this blog post on all the grey geometric wallpaper, grey damask wallpaper, and grey floral wallpaper we have here in our UK warehouse at Wallpaper Shop. But today I am just going to keep this blog post focused on our plain grey wallcoverings. If you feel that this is not an easy wallpaper colour to work with, the best advice I can give is to create your own mood board at home. We offer a sample service for our papers and they come in a decent size for you to start creating a mood board. The next step is to look on the internet for fabrics and carpets. Most companies do samples so this will be easy for you to get lots of samples.

Exposed Rough Concrete Wallpaper

Shop All Our Grey Wallpaper

Choose to help transform your home. Our friendly customer service team are always on hand to help with any questions. We also have a inhouse interior stylist who will be able to help you put together some ideas if you struggle with putting colours and styles together. We ship all our grey wallpaper to the UK and offer a free delivery service if you spend over £50. Shop today and start to transform your home.