Wood Slat Wallpaper

We love how stylish and refreshing our Contemporary Wood Slat Wallpaper can look in any room.

The texture of this striking design will truly stand out and offer a natural, halcyon look. With a versatile palette the vibe is modern and chic, that adds plenty of depth to your room. Add a wood effect slat pattern to create a more earthly back to nature vibe for your home.

Wooden Slat Wall

We here at Wallpapershop.co.uk love how some of our customers have embraced this new wall covering and created a wood slat feature wall. It feels much more modern than the popular wood panel wallpaper that we are seeing all over Instagram.

The vertical wood slat wall seems to be the most sought after design. This pattern seems to elongate interiors giving the room some added depth. The wood slat wallpaper has a back to nature feel by embracing the wild outdoors and evokes a rather rustic ambience.

Wood Slat Wall Panel

At the moment we only have one pattern in this slat design. But we do have lots and I mean LOTS of wood panel wallpaper. If you are struggling to find one, then look no further as we have so many colours to choose from. I did a blog on wood effect wallpapers some months back. But since then we have had so much more wood panel wallpaper arrive here at Wallpapershop.co.uk.

I have noticed that there are lots of searches for wood slat panels and we do some very realistic wood slat wallpaper that look like planks of wood or the tongue and groove panels.

DIY Wood Slat Wall

The great thing about this wallpaper is that you can do it yourself. And cut out the need for a joiner (if you were going to use real wood). If you are handy at decorating with wallpaper you can have a decorated slat feature wall completed in a afternoon.