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Spotty wallpaper is a fun and playful addition to any room. Choose from small polka dots, large circles or irregular patterns to add personality and create a stylish look. Available in various colour options, choose popular grey styles, standout black and white spotty wallpaper or colourful blue and pink options. Creating the illusion of depth and movement, circular shapes can make any space feel more dynamic, a particular advantage in modern spaces. Explore the full selection of spotty wallpaper from Wallpaper Shop and see your vision come to life.

How to style spotty wallpaper

Spotty wallpaper is wonderfully versatile, so you can create a minimalistic or bold look, depending on your preference. Pair spot wallpaper with light-coloured furniture and accessories to keep the room neutral, ideal for nurseries or children’s bedrooms. Or, fully embrace the playful nature of spotty wallpaper and match it with other patterns and textures. Keep the colour scheme consistent, and it will tie the patterns together. Whether you’re redecorating the living room, hallway or bedrooms, find fun spotty prints to elevate your decor.

Spotty wallpaper from Wallpaper Shop

At Wallpaper Shop, we know quality matters when decorating your home. That’s why we stock leading wallpaper brands like Arthouse and Rasch, so you know you’re getting wallpaper that will last. You can find your dream wallpaper at affordable prices within your dream budget. Plus, with easy application methods, including peel-and-stick, paste-the-wall and paste-the-paper, you can complete your transformation quickly and see your design dreams come to life.