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Shake up your home decor with a zebra print wallpaper. Available in various styles and colours, find a wallpaper that fits seamlessly with your design plans and brings your vision to life. Choose monochrome designs for a more minimalistic look or bolder colours to add depth to your space. Zebra print wallpaper is an ideal way to add some pattern and texture to any room, from the hallways to the bedroom to the living room. Whether you’re looking to create a feature wall or a full room transformation, find the perfect zebra print wallpaper to suit your style at Wallpaper Shop.

Styling your zebra print wallpaper

Zebra print wallpaper can complement various decor styles, from modern to vintage. Choose monochrome zebra patterned wallpaper and match it with neutral furniture and accessories for a minimalist style. Or, opt for bold, zebra motif wallpaper and pair it with deep greens or navy for a more luxurious look. No matter your style, find it in our selection or explore tiger, dalmatian and leopard prints for more inspiration.

Zebra print wallpaper from Wallpaper Shop

We’re always sourcing new wallpapers to add to our selection, giving you access to the latest designs and trends. Finding wallpapers from top brands like AS Creation, Rasch and Holden Decor, expect premium wallpapers at affordable prices every time you shop with us.