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Add a stylish and exotic flair to your home with tiger print wallpaper. Bold and vivid, tiger print wallpaper is an ideal way to liven up living rooms, hallways or bedrooms for a touch of luxe. Choose bold, intricate patterns to design a feature wall that stands out as a key focal point or find subtler designs for a more muted, sophisticated look. Whether you’re looking to refresh your decor or complete a full transformation, find a tiger print wallpaper to express your personality at Wallpaper Shop.

How to style tiger print wallpaper

With deep colours and bright callouts, tiger print wallpaper screams maximalism. Draw out the colours of your wallpapers by choosing furniture and accessories in similar hues and create an exotic haven to relax in. For more neutral-coloured wallpapers, match with black and white furniture to create a sophisticated space with a lighter aesthetic. For more animal print options, explore our zebradalmatian and leopard prints to find the perfect animal print wallpaper to suit your space. 

Tiger print wallpaper from Wallpaper Shop

Find premium wallpapers from trusted brands in our collection with top names like Rasch, Arthouse and Holden Decor. With exclusive designs and premium wallpapers, you can expect on-trend and long-lasting wallpapers when you shop with Wallpaper Shop. Easy to apply, you’ll be able to complete your home makeover in no time and see your design dreams quickly come to life.