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Feather Wallpaper

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Add feather wallpaper to your home to create an elegant interior decor style. With an impressive range of styles and colours in our selection, from bold deep colours to softer, more subtle designs, find the perfect wallpaper to bring your design dreams to life. Set the perfect ambience for your living room with grey feather wallpaper, or create a bold entranceway to impress guests with bold peacock feather designs. With quality and stylish designs from top brands, find timeless feather wallpaper designs at Wallpaper Shop.

Styling feather wallpaper

Whether you prefer striking designs or calming prints, feather wallpaper will add a unique charm to any room in the home. Use deep colours to create a feature wall, perfect for creating a focal point in living rooms. Or, use softer, lighter colours with grey, pink, or cream designs to decorate an entire room and create a calming aesthetic. Impressively versatile, feather wallpaper can refresh any space and suit various styles, from modern to traditional, so you can find a wallpaper to achieve your desired look. 

Feather wallpaper from Wallpaper Shop

Our feather wallpaper collection features top brands like Crown and Arthouse, so you know you’re getting quality, long-lasting wallpaper that will keep looking fresh, even in busy households. Choose easy application methods, like peel-and-stick, paste-the-wall and paste-the-wallpaper, to transform your space quickly and seamlessly. Find quality feather wallpaper to refresh your decor, or why not explore our leaf and floral patterns for more stylish options?