How To Guide

Important notice to paper hangers - Please read

It is extremely important to carry out the following checks before cutting the goods or using them in any way. It is also extremely important to read the hanging instructions on the manufacturers label before you commence with the job. 

You must check your wallpaper upon arrival to ensure there are no defects. Any issues or queries please click Here

Are you working in good lighting, cleanliness and temperature conditions?  YES/NO

Are you sure that the goods are as ordered and are free of faults?  YES/NO

(Your wallpaper must be the same pattern number, batch, colour & design to match up)

Do you have the correct hanging instructions and are you using the correct adhesive?  YES/NO

(We recommend Ready Mixed Paste for non pasted paper - be sure not to overwork your paper which can cause stretching)

Does the pattern repeat on the label match with what you were expecting?  YES/NO

Are the walls prepared correctly to ensure they are smooth and free from marks?  YES/NO

(Preparation may need to include lining your walls.) 

After hanging 3 LENGTHS of paper, is the result completely satisfactory?  YES/NO

If you have answered NO to any of the above checks or if you have any doubts, please do not proceed with the job.  Please contact immediately before continuing. 

It becomes your responsibility if you fail to carry out these checks and no claims will be considered for cutting or hanging more than 3 lengths. 

Please note some papers are reverse rolled due to production methods, the way the paper comes off the roll is not necessarily the way it should be hung, please ensure you check before hanging.