Can You Wallpaper A Bathroom?

Many clients wonder if can you wallpaper a bathroom. The answer is yes you can. But you must choose vinyl. it is normal to have concerns due to the effects of condensation, and hot and cold temperatures. But as long as you use the correct wallpaper and are sensible as to where you put the wallpaper. For example wallpapering over tiles or the back of a shower cubicle isn’t going to work.

White tile wallpaper modern sage green towels
Cerros Bathroom Tile Wallpaper

If you are wondering how long does wallpaper last in a bathroom. It can range anywhere between a year to ten years depending on how humid your bathroom gets. If it is constantly full of condensation and is not well-ventilated then naturally the lifespan of the wallpaper is not going to last. You want to avoid wallpapering in places where it will be constantly splashed with water.

Bathroom Ideas

So here at Wallpaper Shop we do have plenty of bathroom wallpaper for you to choose from. We have some modern, stylish, and durable bathroom wallpapers that with give your walls an instant lift. I personally love this one called Cerros Tile Bathroom Wallpaper. This contemporary herringbone crisscross design will give your bathroom walls a sleek edge.

Navy blue bathroom ideas. Gloss white wallpaper tiles with black grout. Modern bathroom wallpaper
Subway Tiles White

Another wallpaper that I like which is currently on trend is our white subway tiles wallpaper. If you have noticed on Instagram there is a huge trend of influencers creating gloss white splash backs using black grout. Well this wallpaper mimics this trend and looks just as cool.

Can You Wallpaper A Humid Bathroom?

If your bathroom is constantly wet and has no windows to air and ventilate and is always humid. I would stay away from wallpapering the walls. We do have a range of peel & Stick wallpapers but again these are going to have a certain lifespan if your bathroom is a constant wet room.

The ideal bathroom to wallpaper is one that is well ventilated and has free flowing air. We are quite lucky here in the UK as most bathrooms have a window and decent ventilation. And this sadly this is not a hot tropical country so we do not suffer with high humidity.

Some additional benefits of some of our wallpapers at Wallpaper Shop we have launched an antibacterial wallpaper for the hospitality sector and homes where mildew is prevalent. Designed for vulnerable environments, the material used in the products has been coated with a special formula that has been rigorously tested to ensure bacteria, meld and mildew won’t breed. Our anti bacterial wallpaper inhibits the growth of bacteria by 99.9% including E Coli, Salmonella, & MRSA. So look out for this in the description.