Wood Panel Wallpaper

Modern Wood Wallpaper 06/12/2021

Modern Wood Wallpaper

So wood panel wallpaper is coming round again. Through the Summer months we saw a dramatic decline in faux wood panel wallpaper. And then as the Autumn season began we noticed instantly that the trend seem re invigorated. Sales started lifting for all our modern wood wallpaper collections. I think our customers are a little tired of the usual standard wood paneling wallpaper. Let us introduce our NEW COLLECTION called Wood Trellis Effect Wallpaper. This stunning wallpaper comes in three gorgeous shades of Navy, Blush Pink, Sage Green. And personally... Read More

Wood Effect Wallpaper 03/11/2020

Wood Effect Wallpaper

Wood effect wallpaper is by far one of the most popular wallpaper styles that never dates. With a large range of designs.  We have the new trendy wood panel wallpaper, grey wood effect wallpaper and even log effect wallpaper. Each of these wood effect wallpaper patterns bring a rustic or contemporary feel to your abode. For some reason, a natural looking wooden patterns and designs coordinate sublimely with all interiors. So, if you are looking for a classic looking panelling wallpaper that is seen all over Instagram now and this... Read More

Wood Panel Wallpaper White Grey www.wallpapershop.co.uk 05/10/2020

Wood Panel Wallpaper

Wall panelling wallpaper especially wood panel wallpaper is on trend for this years interiors. You see this panel effect wallpaper just about everywhere. Everyone everywhere is after wallpaper that looks like wood panelling. Our White wood panel wallpaper looks like the real thing and we cannot get enough of how elegant and sleek this 3D wood panel wallpaper is. Wood panel effect wallpaper is perfect for any wall that you do not wants to spend an exuberant amount on real wood panelling. Its easy to hang and the job of... Read More