The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

Angel Strawbridge Bedding 01/02/2021

Angel Strawbridge Bedding

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge launched in 2019 and it included Angel Strawbridge bedding, wallpaper and other soft furnishings. Fans of the much loved Channel 4 Escape To The Chateau, can now have a little French chicness added to their own homes. Angel first started designing these much sought after designs in 2019. After she stumbled upon some old rolls of wallpaper hidden in the old attic. She did not have enough rolls to complete a full wall. So using her imagination she created The Wallpaper Museum pattern. This comes... Read More

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge 16/09/2020

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge bring together a stunning collections of home furnishings for your home. Angel has wonderfully designed a whole range of The Chateau Wallpaper, The Chateau Cushions, and The Chateau Duvet Bedding Sets. We were first introduced to the talented Angel Adoree (Angela Strawbridge) and her wonderfully DIY hubby Dick Strawbridge through the popular TV programme Escape To The Chateau. The very first episode started as the couple was looking for their dream chateau in France. And we slowly watched them find Château de la Motte-Husson and... Read More