The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge

The Chateau by Angel Strawbridge bring together a stunning collections of home furnishings for your home. Angel has wonderfully designed a whole range of The Chateau Wallpaper, The Chateau Cushions, and The Chateau Duvet Bedding Sets.

We were first introduced to the talented Angel Adoree (Angela Strawbridge) and her wonderfully DIY hubby Dick Strawbridge through the popular TV programme Escape To The Chateau. The very first episode started as the couple was looking for their dream chateau in France. And we slowly watched them find Château de la Motte-Husson and put in an offer which was accepted. The viewers of Escape To The Chateau watched them move into a very old and in much need of renovating. Not to mention it had a moat.

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge – Potagerie Collection

The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge Potagerie Cream Wallpaper is one of the most coveted and popular products. We stock the Potagerie Wallpaper, Potagerie Cushion, and not forgetting the stunning Potagerie Duvet Set.

The Potagerie is one of my favorite collections. The reason that I love it so much is that the design is taken from the walled gardens at Château de la Motte-Husson. Angel saw how busy the bee’s were flying around the flowers and incorporated this beautiful and natural scene into this flourishing pattern. There are delicate flowers and flora that weave a trellis of picturesque honeycombs and botaniques.

I also think the colour palette is just perfection. The fact that these soft muted colours sit on a background of plain cream cotton makes the mural more alive.

We have all dreamed no doubt of owning our own French Chateau – Go on tell me a person who hasn’t googled French homes for sale and had a dream of escaping to greener pastures. With The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge we can all have a little of that dream by bringing home her beautiful decor pieces.

The Chateau Museum Wallpaper

Next we have the most talked about item which is the The Chateau Museum Collection. And again we have The Chateau Wallpaper Museum Cushion. The Chateau Wallpaper Museum Wallpaper. And not forgetting the bedding set.

This design has so much history behind the making of this pattern. It all started when Angel was clearing and going through the vast attics. As she started to go through the boxes and trunks she discovered old antique wallpaper rolls. With not nearly enough rolls to decorate she artfully cut each roll into diamond shapes and pasted them on the wall. In turn Angel created a masterpiece. by the end of that episode everyone wanted the same design. So how thrilled was all the fans of the show when Angel brought out The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge Wallpaper Museum pattern.

I can honestly say that the Wallpaper Museum pattern caused lots of gasps when it first arrived here in our studio. The girls here got so excited. Which was lovely to know we had picked the best Angel Strawbridge products for

The Chateau Collections

Would you like to see what other The Chateau By Angel Strawbridge designs we have? We just adore The Honeycomb pattern. This also comes in a Honeycomb Cushion & Honeycomb Wallpaper. Again a delicate Manchester bee flying around. We also have The Chateau Deco Heron Wallpaper in grey or teal. And lets not forget the dreamy The Chateau Moonlight Lily Cushions. These just scream Art Deco and even though they are based on vintage 1920’s designs they also have a modern feel to them.

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