Slate wallpaper

3D Wallpaper 24/08/2020

3D Wallpaper

Who wants to go through all that mess in creating a real stone wall in slate or brick? Not me I can tell you that. We have so many realistic 3D wallpaper designs that alone will have your head spinning on choice. We have brick wallpaper and slate wallpaper but I will discuss those more through out the rest of this blog.

3D Wallpaper 22/06/2020


Our slate wallpaper comes in all colours, we have grey, beige, cream, white, blue, natural and many more realistic slate wallpaper colours. We just love how this slate wallpaper can just instantly transform a room. The most popular has to be the grey slate wallpaper which is such a neutral shade that you almost think it is the real thing. Slate walls have been around for thousands of years gracing the walls of our ancestors. As the years have gone on this style has been copied into wallpaper, and given walls an instant impact.