Our slate wallpaper comes in all colours, we have grey, beige, cream, white, blue, natural and many more realistic slate wallpaper colours. We just love how this slate wallpaper can just instantly transform a room. The most popular has to be the grey slate wallpaper which is such a neutral shade that you almost think it is the real thing. Slate walls have been around for thousands of years gracing the walls of our ancestors. As the years have gone on this style has been copied into wallpaper, and given walls an instant impact.

Realistic Grey Slate Wallpaper

Grey Slate Wallpaper

Our Westwick Grey Slate Wallpaper is our best seller and it is easy to see why. This wallpaper has a classic and timeless edge to it. This wallpaper is so versatile, you can simply have a glamorous look by adding sumptuous pink velvet bedding cushions, fabrics & curtains. By adding these decadent accessories, you will create a warm and inviting room in which you will love to relax in. Or you could just keep your look clean and natural looking. sometimes just keeping it neutral can evoke the feeling of nature into your home or room.

Buy this wallpaper today to create a modern feature wall. We have seen this wallpaper used to cover a fireplace wall, it just lifts the room. Instead of spending £££’s on ceramic slate tiles just choose this option, by doing this you will save money, time & mess.

Slate Tile Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper, slate wallpaper or stone wallpaper are very popular. If you love traditional stone walls that looks like it has been handbuilt then this is the design for you. We have many real effect stone wallpapers in brick, slate, stone & concrete.

This style of this wallpaper has a 3D effect which only adds to it looking realistic. So add it to a modern loft townhouse in the city or a traditional cottage. You cannot go wrong in adding this to your walls.

Slate Grey Wallpaper

Display Your Slate

This style works well as a bathroom wallpaper & kitchen wallpaper, its tile pattern brings a rustic feel to the room. Add a pop of colour or leave it neutral and you instantly will put your own stamp on it. Like I have already stated by choosing this slate effect wallpaper you will save yourself so much money but most of all mess.

In the past we bought a little cottage and decided to use real slate tiles. I cannot even describe the mess it made. Not only that I realised that no matter how much I covered all my beautiful expensive furnishings they still managed to get some tile grout on them. Needless to say we only did the wall that surrounded or log burner but it cost quite a lot of money to cover just this one wall. Honestly when I saw this wallpaper I realised this really should have been the option to choose. So do not make the same mistake I did save yourself the heartache and buy this wallpaper.