Autumn Wallpaper Trends 2023

Autumn Wallpaper Trends 2023: Embracing Cosy and Natural Interiors As the air turns crisper and the leaves begin to change, it’s time to welcome the beauty of autumn into our homes. And what better way to do that than by updating your interiors with the latest autumn wallpaper trends for 2023? Whether you prefer high-end […]


Affordable Dupe Cole and Son Nuvolette Cloud

Shop our new dupe Cole and Son Nuvolette Cloud wallpaper called Cloud Weave. If you’ve ever dreamt of adorning your walls with the ethereal beauty of clouds, we have an exciting announcement for you! Introducing our brand new Cloud Weave Wallpaper, a stunning affordable dupe Cole and Son Nuvolette Cloud wallpaper, but without the hefty […]


Wallpaper Ideas Bedroom

Wallpaper Ideas Bedroom – When it comes to bedroom décor, walls are often the most overlooked aspect of the room. But with the right wallpaper, you can transform a boring, plain room into a cosy, stylish haven. In this blog, we will explore some wallpaper ideas that can help you create a unique and welcoming […]

Wallpaper Trends

Aesthetic Wallpaper

When we discuss aesthetic wallpaper most people are unsure of what this word means. Over the last few years this word is showing more and more over Instagram. So what is aesthetic wallpaper? The word aesthetic means a set of ideas or opinions about beauty or art: The study of beauty especially in art and […]


Black Wallpaper

Black Wallpaper Black wallpaper happens to be a very popular colour to choose, when it comes to selecting a for your room. Now before you gasp in horror at the instant thought of it looking dark and gothic please do not gasp. We stock the most luxurious wall covers in all kinds of designs, patterns […]