Dalmatian Wallpaper

Dalmatian Print Wallpaper 23/05/2022

Dalmatian Print Wallpaper

If you haven’t seen the trend for Dalmatian print wallpaper, where have you been? This Dalmatian wallpaper started to hit the top trends back in March 2020. There were Instagram influencers who were all screaming out for this design. And it didn’t stop at Dalmatian print wallpaper. We saw a surge in Dalmatian nails, stationery, plates, bedding, cushions, and much more. Then the craze started to calm down so we thought this cool mono style was petering off. So imagine our surprise when all the high streets brought out new... Read More

Dalmatian Wallpaper 10/08/2020

Dalmatian Wallpaper

So have you seen the trend of Dalmatian wallpaper? It is everywhere especially Instagram. You cannot scroll through without seeing some dalmatian pattern or print before your eyes. Here at Wallpapershop.co.uk we have spots before our eyes as we are in love with this design. If we had a choice we would have it printed on to everything. And we all swoon when we look at the Dalmatian print on plates and even sun umbrellas. So the Dalmatian spot dot wallpaper is the bang on trend pattern of 2020 and... Read More