How To Hang Wallpaper

If you are looking for a video guide on HOW TO HANG WALLPAPER CLICK HERE.

Some people are gifted at being able to hang wallpaper easily. But if you are like myself I always call the professionals in. But with the after effects of covid and trying to book in a decorator (a decent one that is). This has proved to be hard – I was told the next available slot is Spring 2022. I am contemplating hanging the wallpaper myself.

How To Hang Wallpaper
How To Hang Wallpaper

Before you think that I am brave, I must confess that it is only a tiny section that needs wallpapering with no windows, corners or sockets.

On our website we have a how to hang wallpaper guide. It is a great step by step how to hang wallpaper by simple step by step videos.

Prep, Prep, Prep And Organise

So before you watch our informative how to guide. The best advice I can give is the following. I actually stole this idea from my decorator but it works. And that is no matter how expensive or cheap your wallpaper or paint is! If you do not prepare the surface or you are not organised the job will not run smoothly and can take three times as long to complete.

How to apply wallpaper to your walls
How To Apply Wallpaper To Your Walls

Whenever I ask my partner to do any DIY in our home, I am the one running around getting all the correct materials. I say this because in the past it has been a case of part way through a job and then stalling half way through because we are missing something or not got the correct tool. And if you have not prepped the surface correctly the wallpaper no matter how expensive will look tatty and cheap. My decorator said the hard work is the planning and the prep work. And if that is all done correctly when it comes to applying the wallpaper becomes the easy part.

So when putting up wallpaper it is always best to make sure all your walls are clean from any dirt and dust particles. Then fill any holes with Polyfilla or decorators caulk. Once this has dried and set then sand down your walls.

How To Hang Wallpaper Using The Correct Paste

To paste or not to paste is the question these days. Did you know we stock peel and stick wallpaper so not paste is required. So I didnt know there was different pastes for different types of wallpapers. You have paste the paper paste and paste the wall paste.

In order to know which paste you require also read the label. The difference I have found is that paste the wall paste is always in a small bag whereas paste the paper paste is always sold in a big box. Which basically means you may have to spend a little more on paste the wall paste.

Check Wallpaper Before Hanging

I always always check the wallpaper as soon as it arrives in the post. I did not do this before hand until one year my decorator rang me while I was on holiday explaining he could not hang the wallpaper as it had a fault all the way through (This wallpaper was from another company).

If you look closely on the label it always states to check your wallpaper before hanging. I learned this lesson and now I always check as soon as the postman leaves.