Pink Wallpaper Trends

The pink wallpaper trends this season instantly creates a calming and relaxing ambience to a room. This feminine palette colour give a soft feel. We are seeing this hue everywhere on the internet at the moment. And other colours such as green or navy blue are added to add a pop of colour.

So what makes pink wallpaper the colour for this season? This on trend stylish colour is versatile and can look sleek, modern and classical. I have seen pink wallpaper trends develop into some swish trendy designs. I love the pink and green palm leaves wallpaper that seems to be all over Instagram at the moment. This oozes Palm Beach vibes, and just feels like you have escaped to the sandy beaches of Florida. I have even notice that the pink wallpaper trends are now being replicated. We have bedding, cushions and lets not forget the pink velvet headboards that are so in Vogue.