Leopard Wallpaper

As the popular trend of Dalmatian wallpaper is starting to slow down. We have seen that Leopard wallpaper is still consistent. It is easy to see why! Leopard wallpaper is a timeless and chic design it never seems to date. A Leopard print aesthetic wallpaper is an iconic design. And it offers a staple foundation for a starting point in which to start designing a room.

I will introduce you to some of my favourite Leopard print wallpapers.

Pink Leopard Wallpaper

To me the Amur leopard wallpaper is definitely in my top 10. I do love the Amur Leopard wallpaper in Pink. It just looks fresh and youthful and I love the added metallic gold fleck which adds an exuberant decadence. This wallpaper is stylish and will suit all styles of homes. I could even see this is a old cottage because it would automatically lighten a room. This wallpaper comes in cream, navy, grey and the blush pink.

Cheetah Print Wallpaper

If you are anything like myself I struggle with discerning a Leopard print from a Cheetah print? So I am constantly googling what is the difference between a Cheetah and Leopard spot! The answer according to inside.com is “Leopard’s spots, as you now know, are black with a brown center, whereas the cheetah’s are solid black. Cheetah, is the more minimal of the two patterns.” So there you have it, but I can tell you now I will still have to google it repeatedly as they look so similar.

So my next top pick Leopard Wallpaper Black Silver. I love this style because it would be so easy to drape your walls with this mono pantone and add a splash of colour with your furnishings. This wallpaper is so versatile you could keep this wallpaper for years and just change the colours in your room to suit every season. Modern animal prints are widely accessible, and with so many affordable varieties available, anyone can easily incorporate them into their homes.

Leopard & Paloma Faith

Have you see Paloma faiths house? She mixes wild animals prints with old world Vintage Chinoiserie Floral Wallpaper and it works. I did a blog on Paloma’s home here if you want to read more. But Paloma makes a big visual statement and the multitude of pattern tricks the eye into reading it as a neutral. I simply adore her sofa which was bought from secondhand then recovered in some Leopard fabric. The mixture of vivid patterns embraces the maximalist theme.