Clearance Wallpaper Sale

Where to find discount clearance wallpaper can sometimes feel overwhelming. But if I stop you there and show you our up to 80% off wallpaper sale here at And to make it even better we do not just have this sale on over Black Friday and the January sales. We love wallpaper that much we have our wallpaper sale on all year round. And we are constantly adding more to the sale every week.

One of our best selling wallpapers in this sale has to be the Laura Ashley wallpaper clearance. But be prepared to act quickly as this Laura Ashley wallpaper gets bought very very quickly. And it is easy to see why. We have had some rolls for sale at only £8.95 in our past sale. Our popular blog post on where to buy Laura Ashley wallpaper can be found HERE

Graham And Brown Wallpaper Clearance Sale

Graham and Brown are yet another high quality brand that we stock. Their collections are not only inspirational but they in their own words ” Forecasting trends is an integral part of designing and producing wallpaper, and here at Graham and Brown, we have the benefit of an international trend forecasting team. Their job is to continually gather information from varied sources that effect what people are looking for. These sources of inspiration may not always be what you would imagine would influence wallpaper design. What is happening in film, technology and global economics all play their part.”

So here is the link to our Graham And Brown clearance wallpapers. Most are priced at £8.95 which is a heavily discounted price for Graham And Brown wallpapers. Let us know which one is your favorite pattern or design?

Wallpaper UK Sale

I have found throughout the year our best selling wallpaper design has to be the wood panel effect wallpaper and the grey industrial wallpapers. So I am pleased that some of these are also in our wallpaper clearance. Tell me which design or trend do you opt for?

When it comes to shopping in our wallpaper sale there is to be found a wallpaper design or colour to suit every style of home. If you are looking for something soft and pastel, we have a whole range of pretty pastels. If you prefer a moody dark hue then we cater for this trend too.

At the time of writing this wallpaper clearance blog for had 407 different wallpapers in the sale. And like stated at the beginning of this blog we are constantly adding new lines all the time.

Designer Wallpaper Sale

So within our sale we have a range of different designers. We have already mentioned Laura Ashley and Graham & Brown. But we also have Lipsy London wallpapers in the sale. This is the stunning Lipsy Metallic Wood Wallpaper and it comes in four colours of white, silver, gold or rose gold. We do hold other designer wallpaper such as the Versace, however this is not showing in the clearance wallpaper selection we are one of the lowest priced on the internet for Versace wallpaper.

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