Wallpaper Interior Design

When it comes to styling a room it can feel suddenly over whelming. But I am hoping this blog post which is going to discuss wallpaper interior design will help remove that feeling. I want you to feel excited because your home should be an extension of who you are. Your personality, your loves, and your passions.

So where do we begin with wallpaper interior design? First lets start with the foundation on which to build. So the simple basics are to let colour, formspacetexturepattern, line, and light be your guide through the world of interior design. This is what the 7 elements of interior design consist of.

Styling Tips For Using Wallpaper

Lets begin with the first wallpaper interior design tip and that is the topic of colour. Colour is such a personal preference I know some clients love light, bright vibrant colours. Warm welcoming colours can automatically heat up a room especially tropical colours. I personally prefer soft muted hues that remind me of the Cornish seas. I like a room to feel calm and almost like a sanctuary of tranquility. If you wish to create a room that instantly that relaxes you then choose soft pastels such as blues, pinks and add a pop of colour such as navy or green to keep it on trend.

Wallpaper Interior Design FORM.

So what is form when it comes to wallpaper interior design? Form is the shape of the room, as well as any objects within the room. In other words, it relates to the physical form of anything that is three dimensional in shape and feel. Forms can usually be described as either geometric or natural. So when choosing a style wallpaper to fit your shaped room this plays a big part. Does the room consist of furniture that is curvaceous or the opposite of sharp ridged lines. If your accessories are soft and fluffy steer away from harsh geometric shape wallpaper.

Wallpaper Interior Design SPACE

Depending on how much space you have to work with when you select a wallpaper this can make a room look smaller or larger. Surprisingly a really large bold vibrant print in a small room will automatically make the room appear much bigger. By creating a feature wall this will expand the room as the eye will zoom in on this wall. And the rest of the room will expand. If you want a large room with tall ceilings to shrink then use plenty of patterned wallpaper such as our large chintz floral wallpaper called Secret Garden wallpaper.

But if your looking for a light and airy feel for your room then the concrete and industrial wallpaper ticks all the boxes. This textured stylish wallpaper just makes a room feel clean and the aesthetics are simple and effortless. I have seen this industrial style wallpaper used in all rooms throughout our clients homes. Because it comes in different textures, palettes and finishes there is one that will suit any new budding interiors stylists.

Wallpaper Interior Design TEXTURE

Well where to begin with this. I do not wish to complicate your headspace with textured wallpaper because to put it politely there are 100’s of textured wallpapers. Lets keep with the most popular designs. Firstly there is the thick anaglypta wallpaper. The perfect wallpaper to hide a multitude of sins of an imperfect wall. Its also easy to update by regularly changing the paint colour. But it can look a little dated if you are wanting a modern home. The texture in wallpaper is vast, we have so many to choose from.

But by far the thick Italian wallpapers are by far the highest quality wallpapers. They are very heavy weight and the texture is thick and you can feel the quality. One of our top selling Italian wallpaper has to be our Versace Wallpaper which happens to be the cheapest Versace wallpaper price online.

Wallpaper Pattern

I feel pattern like colour is a very personal preference. Some customers love pattern wallpaper on all walls. Some just one feature wall. And the rest lets just say they prefer no pattern as they add pattern with the soft furnishings. What is your choice? Lots of wallpaper pattern or none at all?

I always like to see a busy palm leaf wallpaper pattern cascading a washroom. Or a Dalmatian spot wallpaper in a kids bedroom. But I have to admit a rough textured concrete wallpaper in a dining room or kitchen. Just looks sleek and screams modern decor.

Interiors And Light

Depending on how much organic light is streaming through is a massive impact on choice of wallpaper. I have read and listened to may interior styling podcasts and the experts do repeat the same gist. When choosing a paint colour or wallpaper for a dark north facing room that by using white paint is not going to brighten it. I have to admit this stunned me. The interiors stylists say if it is a dark room. Then work with it use dark colour wallpaper and embrace it. So the first two wallpapers that came to my mind are our black wood panel wallpaper from our heritage collection. Or if you prefer something less decorative try our black Milan concrete wallpaper.

Whatever wallpaper you decide to use please send us an email of the before and after shots. We do adore a wallpaper interior design and be sure to look through our wallpaper website. If you are looking for more inspiration be sure to follow us on Instagram. We post all our latest wallpapers on there daily.