Kids Dinosaur Wallpaper

So when it comes to decorating a little boys bedroom or nursery. Kids dinosaur wallpaper always comes first place. With loads of different styles on the internet ranging from cute dinosaur wallpaper to Jurassic park wallpaper. You will have plenty to pick from that you will love too.

When choosing wallpaper for a childrens/kids room the task can be quite tedious. But I have found it doesn’t have to be that way. You can enjoy it and work with your little one. By doing this you can see that it provides a place, or space that your little boy or girl will want to retreat to. And a room you will want to enter without the walls screaming at you.

Dino Town Kids Wallpaper

The Dino Town Wallpaper is perfect for a baby boy nursery or toddler. This cute dino wallpaper is a sweet and pastel coloured boys dinosaur wallpaper design. The cool dinosaur wallpaper that sells out as soon as it comes onto the shelf has to be the most popular pattern. That is the Dino Kingdom Boys Bedroom Wallpaper from Belgravia. This is a cool Jurassic print with two colourways. You can either have this childrens dinosaur wallpaper in mono black and white or multicoloured which has a sort of vintage effect to it. The coloured version is muted retro colours that will blend and be very easy to work with. This cool dinosaur wallpaper. The Dino Doodles Wallpaper is yet another popular trendy design. This is a blue dinosaur wallpaper that is set on a clean white simple background. So the dinosaurs really stand out.

Dinosaur Wallpaper – Jurassic World Murals

When the film Jurassic Park first came to the big screen in 1993 the world went into choas. kids everywhere went crazy over everything prehistoric. I only had to visit the Dippy Dinosaur On Tour here in my own town in Rochdale to see the effect. Kids just love all the bones and fossils from these once lived creatures. Even scary and at the same time very impressed was the fact that these kids knew and could pronounce all the names of these mammals that once walked the earth.

Which leads me on to our Jurassic world wallpaper. This Jurassic World Mural Wallpaper comes in a subtle grey background with grey and green dinosaurs walking about the palm trees. No dinosaur wallpaper for bedroom is complete if it doesn’t feature the favorite T Rex. So choosing a Jurassic themed bedroom is a perfect kids dinosaur wallpaper

Colours To Choose

So we have plenty of the traditional green dinosaur wallpaper. But the other popular colour seems to be grey dinosaur wallpaper. Grey perfect if you wish to co ordinate with plain neutral colours such as plain duvet carpet and curtains. The most coveted dinosaur nursery wallpaper has to be the blue dinosaur wallpaper. This is actually very gender neutral as the design is cute, pretty and fun. So have some fun designing and putting together your kids bedroom or nursery with our range of kids dinosaur wallpaper.